Room Type Pricing Area 床型
Superior Single Room
NT$3,800+10% 8.25m² / 2.5Pings 1 Single Bed (90x190cm)
Superior Double Room
NT$4,200+10% 14.85m² / 4.5Pings 1 Double Bed (150x190cm)
Superior Twin Room
NT$4,200+10% 14.85m² / 4.5Pings 2 Single Beds (90x190cm)
Deluxe Double Room
NT$4,700+10% 16.5m² / 5Pings 1 Double Bed (150x190cm)
Deluxe Twin Room NT$4,700+10% 16.5m² / 5Pings 2 Single Beds (90x190cm)
Premium Double Room NT$5,000+10% 16.5m² / 5Pings 1 Double Bed (150x190cm)
Deluxe Triple Room NT$5,800+10% 19.8m² / 6Pings 1 Double Bed and 1 Single Bed
(150x190cm and 90x190cm)
Deluxe Family Room NT$ 6,500+10% 26.4m² / 8Pings 2 Double Beds (150x190cm)
※​The rates are for reference only, the hotel counter notice as the standard.
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